Rent us your home and get a sure income that does not require your work every month. A long-term contract will allow you to be sure of your future earnings, without seeking tenants, renovations and your own commitment. You can leave everything to us. We do not charge fees.

I will help you save your time. I will take care of your home and your money. I will save you time, money and stress. 

    • We will take care of your house 
    • We will rent it for many years. 
    • We’ll pay you for the rental. 
    • We adapt to our needs.
    • We renovate Your house 
    • We will take care of the tenants. 
    • We pay all bills. 
    • We will carry out seasonal inspections, repairs and renovations. 
    • We will take care of your peace.
    • We will take care off all maters

If any questions Please call or write me 

Piotr Krzymiński – 0783 520 63 46